Week of 9/6/2021

Reading:  As wise readers, we are constantly checking back on our essential question- Why do laws continue to evolve?  So far, we have read and discussed about the development of laws and about people who have fought to change unfair laws. Continue the conversation by asking your child:

  • What is a law?
  • What are some examples of laws that have changed?
  • Why do you think laws should evolve?

Math: Welcome to Chapter 2! During the next few weeks, our math class will be learning about dividing three- and four-digit whole numbers. We will also learn how to interpret remainders. Some questions you may ask as we begin to explore this new topic:

  • How can you tell where to place the first digit of a quotient without dividing?
  • How do you solve and check division problems?
  • How can you use base-ten blocks to model and understand division of whole numbers?

Writing: This week, students are practicing how to write a short constructed response.

Ask your child:

  • What is a short constructed response and what does the response include?
  • What is the purpose of a short constructed response? Why do we have to write these types of responses in fifth grade?

Social Studies: Our current unit of study is Early Explorers of North America. In the next couple of days, your child will become an expert by compiling relevant information on a specific explorer.   Students will learn about explorers who were responsible for finding the many lands we live in today.

Ask your child about his or her explorer and discuss:

What is “your” home country?

  • What explorer are you learning about?
  • What country did your explorer represent on the exploration?
  • What was your searching for during the exploration? And what did the explorer find?
  • What types of technology did your explorer use to help on the voyage?
  • What rout/s did you take on “your” exploration?
  • What obstacles did your explorer face?
  • Was your explorer successful?

Parent/Teacher Conferences:  Conferences begin this Thursday, September 9th and will continue through Thursday September 16th and dismissal time will be at 1:15. The purpose of Quarter 1 conferences is to share student progress, build relationships with families, and better understand what everyone needs to help our students be successful. If you have not yet signed up for a conference date/time, please contact your child’s teacher.

Have a great week!

-Fifth Grade Team

Week of 8/23/2021

Welcome! Check out what’s happening in fifth grade this week:

Reading: We are still working on answering the essential question: Why do laws continue to evolve? In this unit, students will discover how one of the nation’s most important documents has been shaping our lives for hundreds of years. 

To continue the conversation at home, ask the following:

  • Discuss how the United States Constitution has impacted the world.
  • Look up the Bill of Rights online and read the first ten amendments of the U.S. Constitution together. Then quiz one another on each amendment.

Math: We are finishing chapter 1 this week and ending with our post math test.

A reminder that for each math chapter, students will have an opportunity to complete a mid and final chapter quiz to monitor progress. Students are encouraged to use math notes during any math assessment.

Writing: To effectively respond to any writing prompt, students must learn how to analyze it. When students dissect the writing prompt and use it as the basis for prewriting, they’ll be on their way to writing a fifth grade level response! How will we begin? Students will learn how to create a “do/what” chart.

Ask your child to explain the process learned this week to effectively understand a writing prompt.

Social Studies:  This week, we will introduce explorers! We will focus on the following:

  • Determining the motivation and purpose of the explorer
  • Whether the explorer was successful
  • Who the explorer claimed land for and where that land was located
  • The importance of the discovery to the world
  • Whether the explorer had cooperation and/or conflict with Native Americans.

To continue the conversation at home, ask your child to share the explorer chant learned in class!

Have a great week!

Fifth Grade Team

Week of 8/16/2021

Welcome to week 5!

Reading: This week we will begin with our first unit of study, “The U.S. Constitution: Then and Now” by discussing our essential question: Why do laws continue to evolve? In this unit, students will discover how one of the nation’s most important documents has been shaping our lives for hundreds of years. They will discover how the Constitution continues to change to guarantee rights for all Americans, including the civil rights and voting rights of women and minorities. The selections include a variety of genres, including informational text, speeches, historical fiction, and biographies. Understanding the way our government can influence the way we live will help students become responsible citizens. I hope the topic and suggested activities will spark some lively discussions at home.

Suggested Home Activity: Exercising Your Rights

In this unit, students will learn about civil rights protesters as well as those who fought for the right for women to vote. Research sources with your child to find examples of ways that people are fighting for civil rights today. Have your child discuss the struggle, including any background information about how the struggle began or how lawmakers or politicians are reacting to it.

Math: Students have explored and discovered answers to the following: How can you describe the relationship between two place-value positions? How do you read, write, and represent whole numbers through hundred millions? How do you multiply multi-digit numbers?

Suggested Home Activity: Multiply Multi-Digit Numbers


Writing: This week, we will look and discover answers to the following essential question: How can we show a deep understanding of what we read through writing? We will begin exploring this idea by having students look at an exemplar short constructed response and develop a student generated rubric. Our goal is to have students design their own rubrics and by doing so, they will take ownership of what quality work looks like for whatever they’re doing.

Social Studies: Students have now examined the four major pre-Columbian settlements, the Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Plains and Eastern Woodlands. By the end of the week, students will show their understanding by creating a trifold to compare and contrast Native American life in different regions and write about “A Day in the Life of your Native Region.”

Hydrostation Virtual Field Trip: Last week, the first round of our fifth graders participated in a two-day virtual field trip organized by CVESD Hydrostation. This week, the rest of our fifth graders will engage in these lessons and learn more about their strengths, interests, values and how they may align with career options. Students will learn about RIASEC, an abbreviation that stands for realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional. They will use RIASEC to rank their top 3 strengths and interests.

Read Aloud:  We are currently reading Morning Girl, a novel that explores the world of a sister and brother living on a lush island in the Bahamas just before the arrival of Columbus. Morning Girl and Star Boy narrate the story in alternating chapters, giving readers a view into the Taíno Indian culture of which they are a part.  Some questions to ask your child as we continue to read Morning Girl:

  • Based on what you’ve read so far, do you think Morning Girl and her brother are close? Why or why not?
  • What does Star Boy say that he doesn’t like? How does he deal with this when he feels it?
  • What does Morning Girl think of the new sister? What does Star Boy think of the new sister?
  • How does the relationship between Morning Girl and Star Boy change by the end of  chapter 3?

Have a great week!

Fifth Grade Team

Week of 8/9/2021

Dear Parents,

We are starting our fourth week as fifth graders and we can’t be more excited!  A couple of reminders for this week:

Reading: We will continue to strengthen reading expectations to ensure the success of our reading block for the rest of the year. We will continue work on the following:

  • Rules and expectations for independent reading 
  • List of norms or guidelines for independent reading in the classroom
  • Get to know our students as readers
  • Set up a culture of readers
  • Build stamina and strong reading habits
  • Select “just right” books and enjoy independent reading
  • Thinking and talking about reading
  • Distinguishing between fiction and nonfiction

Math:  We are still working on our first chapter. For each math chapter, students will have an opportunity to complete a mid and final chapter quiz to monitor progress. Students are encouraged to use math notes during any math assessment.

Ways you can support your child at home:

  • Have your child show you his or her daily math notes. Ask: What did you learn today? What are some ways you can solve this problem?

Social Studies: We are continuing with our Native American unit: Examining major pre-Columbian settlements and how the North American Indians were diverse in their language, culture, social and political organization, and traditions.

This week we will identify characteristics of the Great Plains and Eastern Woodlands Native American Tribes.

Students will watch videos, take notes, and engage in group discussions. Please continue the conversation at home by asking:

  • What did you learn about the Great Plains and Eastern Woodlands?
  • What is the land and climate like there?
  • How are the Great Plains and Eastern Woodlands different/similar?

Read Aloud: This week we will start our first read aloud.  Morning Girl is the story of a Taino girl and her brother, told in alternating first-person chapters from each of their perspectives. The setting is Hispaniola, near the time of Columbus’ first landing.  Some questions you can begin to ask your child are: 

  • How would you describe Morning Girl?
  • What are Morning Girl’s main complaints about her brother Star Boy?
  • What is the point of view in this story? From whose perspective do we see events?

Camarena Color Days: Camarena color days continue! If you and your child would like to support our kindergartners on their learning, wear the following colors each day:

Hope this this information and resources are helpful to continue the learning at home.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Have a great week!

Fifth Grade Team

Week of 8/2/2021

Welcome to Week 3!

Achieve 3000 LevelSet Assessment: In order to establish an initial Lexile measure, students will begin their reading assessment this week. During testing time, teachers will proctor by watching students take and complete the test. If your child does not complete the Level Set in class the first testing day, we will give students additional classroom time. The purpose of this test is to establish your child’s current reading level and and monitor progress, so we can continue to support your child’s reading skills. Below is a chart you can reference. (Fifth grade expectation is 830L- 1010L.)  

Writing: Last week, we introduced W.O.W (Work on Writing) to help build with writing stamina and fluency. Our goal is for students to write with a natural flow and rhythm by practicing writing each day. Students will work on building stamina allowing them to write for extended periods of time and a topic of their choice.

Ask your child:

  • What did you write about in your WOW journal today?
  • How was your writing stamina today? Did you write the whole time?
  • What are some favorite topics you enjoy writing about?

Read Aloud: We will continue to cultivate a positive classroom community and introduce writing by reading, The Best Part of Me. This book combines black-and-white illustrations with real children’s words describing what they love most about their bodies. It’s an insightful read and never fails to get kids talking and writing about the best part of themselves! Continue the conversation at home by asking your child:

What is something about yourself that you love? Why? What is the BEST part of yourself? What are three reasons that support your idea?

Math:  Welcome to Chapter 1! In our first chapter, students will explore and discover answers to the following: How can you describe the relationship between two place-value positions? How do you read, write, and represent whole numbers through hundred millions? Here’s a glimpse of what chapter 1 will look like:

Social Studies: We kicked off our social studies unit with picture inquiry charts.  Students worked collaboratively to predict what our unit of study will be focused on. In this unit, we will examine major pre-Columbian settlements and how the North American Indians were diverse in their language, culture, social and political organization, and traditions.

Our essential questions for this unit:

  • How did geography, climate, and resources affect the development of Native American groups?
  • How did conflict/cooperation among different groups of people affect the development of the United States?

Camarena Color Days: Starting on August 2nd, Camarena will be having color days. If you and your child would like to support our kindergartners on their learning, wear the following colors each day:

Have a great week!

-Fifth Grade Team

Welcome Fifth Grade Parents!

We hope you had a great summer and have as much excitement to start the school year as we do.  Whether you’re new this year or a Robo/Parent veteran, we look forward to having your child as our upper grade role models and critical thinkers.  As a grade level, our ultimate goal is to use this blog often to keep you updated on the events and happenings of 5th grade.

With a FULL week coming up, we have a lot planned, but we will continue to get to know our students and get everyone aquatinted with 5th grade academic expectations to set the tone for this upcoming school year.

We want to thank you for choosing to entrust our team with your child’s education. We can’t wait to get to know
them and to watch them grow. Please feel free to be in touch with us as needs arise and we will do the same.

It’s going to be an exceptional year!

Fifth Grade Team

6th Grade Families

Dear 6th Grade Families,

We will be updating our 5th grade blog, so please be sure that you unfollow us if you don’t want to receive 5th grade notifications.

We hope that you and your family enjoyed some much deserved quality time together. We wish you the best as your child navigates through 6th grade.

Fifth Grade Team

Happy Summer Break!

Dear Parents,

CONGRATULATIONS! Your child is officially on summer break!

For a multitude of reasons, this is a year that we will never forget. Despite the numerous challenges we were presented with, our fifth graders never gave up! That work ethic, that drive, and that determination will serve us all well throughout life. We are so unbelievably proud of our students!  

Thank you parents for the tremendous support! We have all earned the opportunity to catch our breath and celebrate this summer, so please make sure to do so.

Have the most memorable summer vacation!

Fifth Grade Team

Week of 5/24/2021

Social Studies:  We are moving along history! Students have learned that the original thirteen colonies of the United States were settled along the east coast of North America. We’ve learned that few colonists went beyond the Appalachian Mountains. However, as the country gained independence and continued to grow, more land was needed. The country began to expand into the western frontier. As we begin this unit, continue the conversation at home by asking:

  • Who was moving to the West and who was not and why were they moving?
  • Why did the colonists want to go West?  What motivated them?
  • What were the pros and cons to going West?
John Gast, the artist who created “American Progress,” uses his painting to tell the message that the United States is destined to expand West. Technology, such as railroads and telegraph wires, is moving west as
well as many people. Students will begin this unit by viewing this painting asking themselves: What do you notice? What questions do you have?

Writing: Students are currently working on planning an opinion essay.

In your opinion, would you travel to another planet?  After reading, “Would you go to Mars”, write an opinion essay in which you answer the question and explain your reason about whether you would or would not travel to Mars.  Support your opinion with evidence from the text.

Continue the conversation at home by asking:

  • Should NASA send humans to Mars? Why or why not?
  • What reasons support your opinion?
  • So far, what sources are you using to support your opinion?

Math: We are still working on two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures.

Check out the activity below to continue reinforcing your child’s geometry skills!

Adolescent Growth Education (AGE): Our 5th graders will have AGE this year. The purpose of this program is to provide students information about decision making, self-esteem, families, sexual exploitation, personal safety, friendship, and changes in their bodies which occur during puberty.

As a grade level we are deciding which components of the curriculum we will be teaching. We will provide you with  the list of lessons we feel are appropriate for both the hybrid and distance learning instructional models. 

Please look for a parental notification letter in case you choose to opt your child out of the curriculum.

CVESD Virtual Academy Enrolling Now: We are looking forward to bringing all of students back for traditional in-person instruction for the 2021-22 school year, and we are also aware of parent interest in their children continuing in an online instructional model, similar to distance learning. Please be sure to click on cvesd.org for more information.

Camarena Enrollment Planning for 2021-2022: If you are not returning to Camarena in July, please complete the form that was sent home and send to our school office before the end of this school year. You can also either email or call us: camarenaschool@cvesd.org or 619-591-5500.

Don’t forget to check out Camarena’s blog for school-wide news! It also has a lot of important end-of-the-year information.

Any questions, please let us know!

Fifth Grade Team

Week of 5/17/2021

Reading: Welcome to our next unit of study, “Up Against the Wild.” In this unit, we will read and compare selections about characters who are up against the wild and analyze how different genres approach similar themes. We will be reading a variety of genres, including a fable, drama, folktale, realistic fiction, historical fiction, and informational text. This unit will allow you and your child to consider what drives a character to survive, despite being up against terrible odds.

Math: Throughout the next few days, our students will be focusing on two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures. We will use definitions to identify and describe characteristics of these figures. We will also learn how to find volume of rectangular prisms.

Also, a reminder that this week students will be taking their final i-Ready diagnostic assessment for mathematics. As mentioned at the beginning of the school year, this test is an adaptive assessment designed to provide teachers with actionable insight into student needs. The results also set a personalized learning path for each student, ensuring they’re working on instruction that matches their unique learning needs. Fifth grade level range expectation is (480-540).

Check out the activity below to continue reinforcing your child’s geometry skills!

Social Studies: Students have learned that the American Revolution was a time when the British colonists in America rebelled against the rule of Great Britain. There were many battles fought and the colonies gained their freedom and became the independent country of the United States.  So far, we have read a variety of passages, watched videos and discussed the causes and effect of these battles. Continue the conversation at home by asking:

  • What motivates people to leave their homeland and settle in a new place?
  • Why did American colonists react so strongly to the British Acts?
  • Why is independence important to you?
  • Which side of the independence issue would you have been on if you had lived in the American colonies? Why?

Writing: We will transition into opinion writing as students complete their informative essays. We will follow a very similar process:

Students will continue to analyze a prompt and plan

  • Read and analyze the Prompt by creating a do/what chart
  • Gather evidence to support your opinion about the topic
  • Group and organize information with a particular reason to support your opinion 

Students will draft

  • Write an introduction that has a HIT (I- introduce your topic AND state your opinion)
  • Group key reasons into body paragraphs
  • Support our ideas with: facts, definitions, concrete details and quotes from the text
  • Explain how the details in each paragraph support your opinion
  • Use transitions to connect ideas
  • Use accurate vocabulary words that are specific, and include words related to the topic
  • Use a voice that is appropriate for the genre and audience
  • Write a conclusion that summarizes the topic, your opinion, and key reasons

Any questions, please let us know!

Fifth Grade Team